20th Anniversary Gala Survey


Over 20 years, PACS has grown into an ensemble noted for its artistic excellence and innovation. Through our performances at major venues (Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall), our tour of China, our acclaimed recordings and our collaboration on InsideOut Concerts, we have created unforgettable experiences and music making for our members and audiences alike. It is 20 years to be proud of for sure!

Our 20th Anniversary is both a time for celebration and a time to lay the groundwork for future growth. At this point, we need to know more about how you can play a part in helping our Lincoln Center gala on May 17th, 2020 be a focal point for developing awareness and sponsorship to fuel this growth for years to come.

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As a self-sustaining organization, PACS collects dues from members set to cover a portion of facilities expenses. The remaining facilities expenses, and additional operational and marketing expenses are covered by additional donations, ticket sales and sponsorships. Premium venues, such as Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, have significantly higher costs, requiring that dues scale higher. Carnegie Hall's costs, for example, are a multiple of 13.5 of our regular costs. To cover a similar portion of these expenses, dues would need to be set at $1,067 per member. Rose Theater/Lincoln Center's costs are a multiple of 8.5 of our regular costs. To cover a similar portion of these expenses, dues would need to be set at $685 per member. We want to minimize the increase in dues needed for a Rose Theater/Lincoln Center event by increasing sponsorships and other donations, but it is clear the dues will need to increase for this cycle. As we plan for this Gala, we need to know how you can participate in increased dues to fund this event.
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Additional Donations and Support
Many members donate to PACS beyond paying dues. To help us plan for this event, please let us know how you can participate in this way (please include details, ballpark amounts in the comments section below).
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To keep our dues at a level of $250 or less, we need to develop sponsors who will purchase VIP tickets, tables at the gala and perhaps serve as honorees at the event. We are interested in how your company, clients and friends might be able to serve as sponsors.
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